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i have a isp. and i have ubuntu server 12.4 with three nic.
here eth0 ip is with the gateway,
eth1 ip is with the gateway
and last eth2 my local lan ip

i want to bridge eth0 and eth1 bandwidth for eth2.
here eth0 have 1mbps from external isp and eth1 have 512 mbps from external isp.

i mean in eth2 i want a gateway with the bw 1500mbps.

i saw some example with bridge utils but i dont understand about gateway of br0, imean like :
auto eth2
iface eth2 inet static
gateway ?
bridge_ports eth0 eth1
i need full bw(1000mbps+512mbps) into one mean (eth0+eth1) -> to eth2(1500mbps) what will my eth2 gateway and how to load balance the bw

please help

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