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After updating and then upgrading ubuntu from 12.04 to 12.10 the following is happening.

Ubuntu will load a black screen initially without any imput cursor flashing or anything, the ubuntu load screen however shows up for a few seconds

Now rebooting from this state brings up the grub loader and after selecting ubuntu 12.10 it takes me to the console, the error:

@wlc_cfg80211_scan wlc_scan error -22

is displayed on the screen repeatadley at intervals

Now after logging in

I tried setsid unity with the warning no display variable set Also

unity-panel-service: no process found

then compiz will fail - 'couldnt open display'

I tried some other stuff like startx which gives a fatal error no screen found, im using a dell vostro 1510 with a usb wireless internet connection as well as ethernet

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