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My problem is that I need to install Ubuntu 13.04 since my installation of the new Ubuntu 13.10 isn't working for me due to unmet driver dependency on 13.10.

I've got a dual-boot system running Windows 8.1 UEFI and Ubuntu 13.10. I've got Intel HD graphics 4600 and an Nvidia Optimus GT750 graphics card and none of the available drivers from both Intel and Nvidia are working for 13.10 and my hardware yet which results in fast battery consumption, overheating of the CPU and no WebGL graphics on the browsers which is bad because I'm into web development.

I would like to be able to develop using a single operating system, both backend and frontend, instead of needing to boot into Windows when needing to do frontend javascript and WebGL work. Thus, installing Ubuntu 13.04 is necessary at the moment until Intel and Nvidia offer drivers for Ubuntu 13.10.

I had to use boot-repair to fix grub after installing Ubuntu 13.10 alongside Win 8.1 and since then I've not been able to boot into a live-usb containing Ubuntu 13.04. I've tried both using a usb that was created using Ubuntu 13.10, and a usb created using Windows 8.1 and when hitting F12 on my keyboard while booting the PC no usb option is available to boot from. Only Windows boot menu, Ubuntu boot menu, and HDD.

My question is: How do I repair my system so that I can boot from the live-usb?

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One step closer. I recreated the partition table on the flash drive and changed it from GPT to msdos. Now the usb shows up in the boot menu when hitting the F12 key on the keyboard, and the Live USB menu appears but when selecting either "Install Ubuntu" or "Try Ubuntu" only black screen appears and the PC doesn't boot into a live session. –  Villi Magg Dec 2 '13 at 14:46

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