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After doing some schoolwork I left my computer with ubuntu 13.10 running over night. Next morning; I come back to see it glitching a bit (Software center app dissapeared, terminal is black/white instead of the softer purple/white) so, like any normal person, I decide to restart it.

After restarting it, everything's working fine. I get to the login screen, log in, etc. But after the login, instead of my desktop w/ the folder/apps I just get my wallpaper with nothing on it. The menu isn't there, and neither are the files.

So I decide to browse for a solution on the mighty internet. After opening up tty1 and reinstalling nvidia, unity, bunch of other stuff I find that after I log in instead of my wallpaper it's now a black screen.

I persist and keep install/deleting/reinstalling anything that the forums tell me to and it does. Not. Work.

Eventually, (I know my way around Ubuntu) I just type in 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current' and execute it 'till the end.

I restart, only to find that after the bootup, instead of the login screen I get that same black screen with a cursor. Even if I press Ctrl+Alt+F1, my monitor stops receiving input. So after about 2 hours, it finally broke me and so I turn to the forums.

Any hints/advice/solutions? System specs will be dispensed at request. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Try the solution in this answer - worked for me (so far) askubuntu.com/questions/296163/black-screen-on-login/… –  Craicerjack Feb 28 '14 at 10:06

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