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Hi there I know that deb packages I downloaded are in: /var/cache/apt/archives/ And I can save them for future use. However, there is a problem when I download a package using the apt-get command, download speed is too slow. When I download files with a download manager I can get up to 1MB/s!

How can I get the URL of the package and download it with a download manager?

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You can find the packages you want to download (and their dependencies) on the Ubuntu Packages site. Though it's not recommended - you should be able to gather the links from there and use a download manager to retrieve them.

showing download links Dependencies are listed first, then the download section is shown below the related packages

If you're having slow download times from the official mirrors - try updating your mirror location as it may be that the particular mirror you're fetching from is far away or having latency issues.

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thanks but I did not find any link to download! can you help me more! – undone May 1 '11 at 9:07

synapitc allows you to save url download list, then you can supply it to download manager. you can also save your selection. later load the download list to synaptic.

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use text editor to replace "wget -c " with "" in file download list (at beginning of each line - replace all). hack this. on windows: you can use free download manager "file->import->import list of downloads" to generate download list you can safely download. this for bronze badge. – tambet v2li May 28 '13 at 12:07

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