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I managed to setup openvpn connection, which works via terminal:

 sudo openvpn --config '/home/deckoff/Desktop/vpn/config.ovpn'

This is usernmae/password login, I have ca.crt and config.ovpn files. I have installed the network-manager plugin, added the ca.crt location. When I connect, I am informe, that I have connected successfully, but I have no internet access... I suppose that I have to add the correct config.ovpn in the network manager plugin. I cannot see where to config the hostname/IP settings in the dialog Here is how my dialog looks like, I have deleted the gateway and username entries enter image description here

this is the content of the config.ovpn file

dev tun
proto udp
remote 1194
resolv-retry infinite
ca '/home/deckoff/Desktop/vpn/ca.crt'
verb 3
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