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I'm new to Ubuntu/Linux environments and trying to install Ubuntu on an external USB hard drive. I'm installing it from a USB stick and not Live CD. I created four partitions:

  1. a 700 MB boot partition (mount point /boot and file system ext4)
  2. a ~100 GB etx4 partition (mount point /)
  3. a 500 MB swap partition
  4. the rest of 3 TB is FAT32 windows partition.

Installation seems to go through fine. However it fails with the fatal error that it couldn't install grub to /dev/sdc5 (which is the /boot partition mentioned above).

I'm just interested in getting Ubuntu to boot and run from the external hard drive. Can anyone suggest how to either make the external hard drive bootable for Ubuntu or a better way to ensure complete successful installation? Or any other suggestion which will let me boot from external hard drive.

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