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I have installed python-pygments and using it for syntax highlighting with less as described by mankoff here I put a function in my .bashrc

    cless ()
        pygmentize -f terminal "$1" | less -R

it is enabling syntax highlighting with less. But when I am going to open a file like /etc/fstab or /etc/apt/apt.conf a error saying

Error: no lexer for filename '/etc/apt/apt.conf' found

I found option to show pygmentize the lexer with -l at this manpage. But what will be the appropriate lexer for such files? and how to use it?

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Buried in pygmentize --help:

If -g is passed, attempt to guess the lexer from the file contents, or pass through as plain text if this fails (this can work for stdin).

Simply change your code to:

cless () {
    pygmentize -gf terminal "$1" | less -R
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