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When we run apt-get update ubuntu read URLS from /etc/apt/sources.list and package information save in /var/lib/apt/lists.

Can i customize this directories? Without harm /var/apt/lists and /etc/apt/sources.list. When I want to install a package using apt-get it will read package information from a specific directory (/custom/apt/lists) instead of /var/lib/apt/lists and update from /custom/apt/sources.list instead of /etc/apt/sources.list.

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Yes, you can, the two things you are looking for are:

  • The equivalent to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* is Dir::Etc::SourceParts.
  • The /etc/apt/sources.list equivalent is Dir::Etc::SourceList
  • The /var/lib/apt/lists/ equivalent is Dir::State::Lists

There are a bunch of them in the apt-get man page. An example using all of them:

apt-get update -o Dir::Etc::SourceParts "/some/path/with/lists/" -o Dir::Etc::SourceList "some.list" -o Dir::State::Lists "/custom/apt/lists"
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