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When I try to log into my user profile, the screen turns black and then just returns to the log-in menu.

What to do?

Schould I "repair" Ubuntu. If yes, how is it done?

I can't choose to "repair" like in Windows when I boot up with the Ubuntu installation USB I got.

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Got the problem, found the answer :

  • Log into your account using a terminal, which you can reach using Ctrl + Alt + F2.
  • Look at the permissions for your .Xauthority file, using ls -la ~/.Xauthority.

It needs to be readable and writeable by your user :

-rw------- 1 you yourgroup .Xauthority

(usually, group and user are the same for regular users)

If your permissions are invalid, you can apply a fix by doing :

chown you:yourgroup ~/.Xauthority
chmod 600 ~/.Xauthority
  • Then go back to your display manager with Ctrl + Alt + F7, and try again !

  • If it still fails, have a look a your X11 logs, and share : cat /var/log/Xorg.log.0 | tail -n50

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