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When the mouse stops moving after 1 seconds, it auto clicks, no matter if it is within an application or on desktop.

Does anyone knows how to disable this feature?

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1) Click Alt + F2 and put gnome-mouse-propertiesand hit enter.

2) Go to Accessibility and uncheck "initiate click..."

enter image description here

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thank you, that was it :) – afarazit Apr 30 '11 at 2:03

For Ubuntu 11.10 the setting is in Universal Access, Pointing & Clicking tab, Hover Click. Set it to off.

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For Ubuntu 12.04, Follow the following steps -

  1. gnome-contorl-center
  2. Then find the Universal Access settings
  3. Under Pointing and Clicking, disable Hover Click.
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For 14.04: Go to System settings --> System --> Universal Access (or F2, type Universal Access) Choose Tab Pointing and Clicking Hover Click --> Off

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