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I am running Ubuntu 13.10 joined to Active Directory using Centrify Express. Everything is working fine with the AD. However, I am trying to install a printer shared from a Windows server (joined to the AD). Every attempt to install the shared printer it is installed as it was connected locally to the Ubuntu computer. The steps I am performing are:

  1. Go to the Printers applet
  2. Press the Add printer button
  3. Select Network Printer
  4. Select Find Network Printer
  5. Type smb://my_print_server/shared_printer_name
  6. The wizard prompts for the driver and I select the correct driver (Ricoh for our printers)
  7. The wizard prompts for name and location and the printer is installed. It prompts for a test page and I press OK.

However the printer never gets my print job and it never leaves the local queue. I can see in the printer properties that it mentions that it is connected to local host.

What I am doing wrong?

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