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I am really willing to contribute to open-source software development. But the thing is, I am alone. Is there any groups in Ubuntu where I can share my idea, and I can be a beta-tester, or maybe make programs using ideas? I am really a new-bie, and I want to help the open-source community and become a member of it.

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Maybe this: and – user25656 Nov 26 '13 at 5:42

Welcome to AskUbuntu. The best place to start is the UbuntuForums; register there and share your ideas at the Development & Programming section.

You are not alone. Enjoy Ubuntu!

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Try to find nearby Hackerspace or any LUG in your area. Also, Ubuntu supports local communites.

Keep googling until you find a group in your area. Programming with people face-to-face is so much more rewarding than doing it home-alone.

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