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I have an interesting situation. I have read that with two GPU's in my laptop, I cannot install Ubuntu without disabling one of them first.

This seems to be true, as I begin to boot from the USB key, the screen changes resolution to high-resolution and then freezes on the flashing.

I cannot get to the install menu or anything. The problem is that there is no way to disable a video card in my BIOS, the BIOS is extremely limited in scope.

Am I just plain out of luck or is there some workaround for this (or is this not the problem at all) ?

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i have not not had a issue although it was frustrating getting it fully 3d operational but it is working now. i am still confused on the whole catalyst thing though? i have the i7 with the dual amd 6970s. i would like to know if anyone gets there keyboards lights to dim, just cause if i am watching movies i dont like to see the reflection on the screen? a couple short keys dont appear to work but maybe i just have not configured it properly? it could be a dual boot issue? i only have Ubuntu 12.4 installed –  user241592 Apr 7 at 4:18

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