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Today I did a fresh installation of Xubuntu 13.10 on my PC. I had already installed windows 7, my main OS, so I restarted and booted from the Xubuntu CD I burnt, to begin the installation. I selected to "install Xubuntu alongside windows 7" option and I was expecting to see the next step where you select how much space do you want to dedicate to Xubuntu


Instead of that, the installation jumped into adjusting my time zone and keyboard layout. As I didn't know what may happen if I cancelled the installation, I let it finish.

Now I have no idea where Xubuntu has installed to? I have 2 HDDs and I can't find any new partitions with the disk management utility in Windows. I have also checked if I did a Wubi installation. Any ideas of what may have happened? I would like to remove the Xubuntu installation now but first I need to figure this out.

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