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Good day, I would like to know how to configure a squid on Ubuntu 12.04, i have been trying with no apparent success for the past week and am really getting quite fustrated! i would appreciate simple instructions that would not make me go round and round and or get more confused as I am a newbie in Linux and I need to get this accomplished ASAP before my boss gets back this week!

one of my problems was that I could not route thru the 2nd NIC, I could browse on the machine but if I attach a laptop to the other interface I can't browse. that was the beginning of my problems. I did some things I read online and my pc now when it boots tells me it's looking at the network for like about 5minutes or so then eventually boots without it! I finally got around that and got my network back on my Ubuntu and decided that I should come here to ask for help as I got into trouble where u went last!

I will really appreciate any form of help you can give me.


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