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How to keep enable eth0 and pppoe connection at the same time. When i connect my broadband cable in eth0 port, it shows ip detected in eth0 (ifconfig). Now when i connect dsl connection eth0's ip goes away and a new interface added named pppoe with different ip address. How to enable both interface in the same time? Windows can keep both enable at the same time.

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I have solved the problem. I am answering my own question for future reference.


1. Connect DSL connection using network manager
2. Connect eth0 interface: sudo udhcpc -i eth0
3. To check current routing: route -n
4. Two interface introduce two default gateway. To access internet remove local  default gateway: sudo route del default gw (for my network)
5. Add routing rule to access ftp servers( for my network): sudo route add -net gw eth0

After doing the above steps, eth0 and pppoe0 both should have IP address.

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