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The driver suddenly stopped detecting my WiFi network. But it is showing other networks available. Also, I haven't done any updates done at that moment.

I have spent almost 10 hrs googling before posting this question. I am really tired. Still I don't want to loose Ubuntu experience.

  • My Laptop setup: Lenovo G580
  • Wireless card: BCM 4313
  • Linux Kernel:
  • Ubuntu: 12.04.3 LTS

Things I tried so far:

  1. I was already using a downgraded bcmwl kernel, source bcmwl When this problem came up. I purged it and tried to re-install. Then I got a problem with the module. I then installed headers as suggested in Ubuntu forum, but it didn't work. So I can't re-install.

  2. Trying to use the bcwml, but that didn't work.

  3. Firmware, sta common, sta source tried. No result.

  4. Trying lwconfig, lwlist scan. That kind of stuff. But it does not detect my network.

Can somebody give me a precise method to get my WiFi network back?

It is working fine with Windows 7. So this isn't a problem with my router.

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