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Everything worked fine (except for the audio widget), and suddenly, i boot and after i set my login credentials in the session manager, the screen goes black. How is one supposed to fix it? I find nothing on the internet about this exact problem, and the only thing i've found is unsolved.

I did nothing, not even installing new packages.

This is truly a problem for me, can somebody help?

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Happens to me as well. Xubuntu will not react for ~2 seconds and then the screen goes black and switches off. – Exeleration-G Mar 27 '14 at 12:20

I'm having this same problem. In my case I just reinstalled Ubuntu. On my last installation, everything worked fine, but this time around I get a black screen following login. Gnome and Unity still load fine, though. I haven't installed any packages that weren't installed on my previous setup, either.

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