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I started with a clean XP install ( <- my original boot partition - partition1)
I then added a Win7 side-by-side on partition2.
THEN i added ubuntu 12.04 LTS with grub boot on partition3.
GRUB gives me the option for windows7.
This presents me with the "Earlier version of windows"/"windows7" windows boot menu.

Everything works fine !!

However - i now want to remove XP all together.
I deleted all the files and resize the XP partition to 5GB.
BUT it is still marked as boot partition and i am afraid to delete it all together

Any hints on how to completely remove this partition
This link suggests how to remove the "earlier version" message
BUt i will still be stuck with an ugly 5GB partition i dont need.

Any hints

I am on a QuadCore, Intel, single SAS 500GB disk, Ubuntu LTS 12.04, GRUB2 bootloader

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