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Firstly, apologize me for confusing you guys with the tittle.

I'm learning Ubuntu Server at my school (currently: configuring NAT, and DNS server). Sometime, I need to practice things which my master has been taught by myself in my house. But, I have a problem.

enter image description here

That is topology designed by my master that I configured in the last week. The goal is to make client has capability to access the internet. FYI, Server is already set up online to the internet (dunno the type of connection is used) by my master.

So, I just had to give Router's (Ubuntu Server 12.04) eth0 interface an IP Address which is on the same network with Server's address.

The theorum was: Make Server's IP Address as default gateway, then input an additional line to /etc/resolve.conf, and run simple iptables -t nat command, then adjusting Client's IP Address option. Then it should be done.

Can I practice it in my house, where Server doesn't exist ?

I only have: a PC with Ubuntu running on it, a laptop with Ubuntu running on it, network cable, and USB 3G Modem.

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