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I recently bought an ASUS F201E-KX063DU Netbook which was delivered with an Ubuntu 12.04 preinstalled. I went through the whole installation process and everything went fine except the wlan connection is showing a lot of extremly weird bugs. Sometimes it works just fine and everything runs smooth and quick and in the next second i suddenly lose connection or the connection becomes extremly slow(loading google.com takes about 10 minutes) without any reasons. Another weird thing is that i can connect to the wlan at my university but not at my friends university. They are both using the same wlan network with exactly the same name, security, hard-and sofrtware. I really have no idea what i could do to solve this problem. If you need any further information please tell me, im not sure what else to tell you. Thank you!

PS: I googled the problem and searched for a solution for a couple of hours but I i couldnt find anything that would help me. PPS: Sorry for the horrible english ;)

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