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I have two 500 GB disks that I have installed on my ubuntu 12 system, One is my main file system, and the other I partioned as a RAID disk in the ubuntu installation. I would like to remount the second disk so I can use it with Linux raid and view it on webmin. Right now it is not even being listed a mounted. I used the command

sudo lshw -C disk

and the output for the two disks is such:

       description: ATA Disk                                                    
       product: WDC WD5003AZEX-0                                                
       vendor: Western Digital                                                  
       physical id: 0.0.0                                                       
       bus info: scsi@2:0.0.0                                                   
       logical name: /dev/sda                                                   
       version: 80.0                                                            
       serial: WD-WMC1S5696862                                                  
       size: 465GiB (500GB)                                                     
       capabilities: partitioned partitioned:dos                                
       configuration: ansiversion=5 signature=000d2dd1                          
       description: SCSI Disk                                                   
       physical id: 0.0.0                                                       
       bus info: scsi@3:0.0.0                                                   
       logical name: /dev/sdb                                                   
       size: 465GiB (500GB)   

any help is greatly appreciated, I have been battling this for a few months now. If you need more info feel free to ask.

this must be done via command line for I am using server edition

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I just re-ran the installer and everything is working fine now. Found a few forums that said my disk might be going, but seems fine to me.

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