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Can you mail me a new Ubuntu instillation CD, please? I want to switch from Windows and need an installation CD, please. How much do you charge? Can I send you a check,please, I do not trust online banking.

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Go to Canonical Store if you would like to purchase one. Anyway if you don't want to buy from here. you can download Ubuntu Deskto for free and create Bootable DVD/USB to install Ubuntu. – souravc Nov 24 '13 at 2:10
@souravc Please write up your comment as an answer. A better one doesn't seem likely (or even possible) in this instance. Let me know so I can upvote it. Thanks! – Elder Geek Jun 16 '14 at 18:04
@ElderGeek thanks! I thought to write an answer but forgot later. – souravc Jun 17 '14 at 3:52
haha the simplest thing you can do is download a 32 or 64 bit iso then burn it to a blank DVD that you bought or have :) Also, since you seem new in this kind of thing. Search for how to make a bootable usb drive. It can save you money. – Tatakai Wasumi Jun 17 '14 at 4:13

Can you mail me a new Ubuntu instillation CD?

In brief NO. ShipIt has been closed. So the there is no official way to send anybody Ubuntu DVD for free.

What are the other options do I have?

  • You can buy packs of 5 Ubuntu CDs (minimum) from Canonical shop
  • Alternately you can download Ubuntu CD image from the official Ubuntu site for free and create Bootable DVD or USB
  • The last option would be to borrow a Ubuntu DVD from a friend.

Note: I answered most of it in the comment. I am posting it as answer as requested by Elder Geek and think it will be helpful.

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Yes you can purchase Ubuntu from the site mentioned below: Canonical store

It is safe and sound from here. You can download multiple copies also or else download Ubuntu for free from the site mentioned here Download Ubuntu. Enjoy.

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Ubuntu can be downloaded for free from ubuntu (bellow) then burnt to DVD or USB

Although there are sites that will charge you for the DVD, shipping and handling fee.

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