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What type of file should I make the partitions, what size should I make them and do I need a storage partition for a total of 3. 1-OS Partition, 2-Swap Partition, and 3-Storage Partition?

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Are you talking about 1 partition for /root (operating system), one for SWAP, and one for /home? – Alvar Nov 25 '13 at 12:44

What type of file should I make the partitions,


what size should I make them

Whatever you want but I would suggest at least 10 Gb for /, but more if you intend to use MySQL and want to use /etc for the storage of databases. Depending on how you use the system you can have no swap or 2x the size of your memory.

I myself also create a 25Gb /home partition and put the remainder on a separate partition so I can store my personal files there and can always format home.

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