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I'm a complete stranger with Ubuntu, and i've run into a problem with installing.

What I am trying to do, is to install Ubuntu 13.10 to my old laptop. This laptop has a new hard-drive, that is completely empty. So no Windows or other operating systems to work with.

I'm booting my computer with USB, and it starts normally, but ass I press "Install Now" instead of "Try Ubuntu", then those problems really start. It gives me message "No root file system defined.." etc.

What to do?

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You have to prefer some installation guide of Ubuntu, if you don't know how to install. Actually it is not that much tough, you've to select / from the selection list as one of the mount point, in order to install Ubuntu. I hope this and this links would help you. :) – Saurav Kumar Nov 23 '13 at 19:15

After clicking on "install" now , choose the third option which reads Something else. Select the partition (which is your new hard disk) , if the partition has not been created, create it by clicking Add button , set "mount point" to / and partition type to ext4 journal. I would recommend you to create one more partition as swap partition. Then select your ext4 partition and click install now. You are ready to go..!

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