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i don't understand something so i'm hoping someone can help me with it.

i have two computers connected to each oher. One is a nfs server and one id nfs client. on nfs server i have a folder in my home directory called >/home/baxy/shared and my hope was that this dir will be visible form the other computer. i edited >/etc/fstab so that my folder is automatically loaded at startup

/home/baxy/shared /export/baxy/shared none bind 0 0

oh yea i created the export directory also

on my other comp (nfs client) i also edited fstab: /home/baxy/shared nfs auto 0 0

when i restart everything i see my shared dir on my nfs client. however when i put some file in shared directory on server i don't see it until i restart my machines.

I was under the impression that once i put something in my shared dir on nfs server i'll see it on the client but i do not. could it be that this is because i am first mounting the shared dir to export and then export to my nfs client ???

How to make something i place in my shared dir automatically visible to my nfs client??

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