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What was the difference between sudo apt-get -f install and sudo apt-get install -f commands?
I had seen these two commands large number of times,is there any differences in functionality of these two commands?

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No, it's the same ASAIK – PeppeDAlterio Nov 23 '13 at 11:10
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They are the same.

apt-get and install are obligatory. The -f is optional and can be placed anywhere after apt-get. Though the man page has them explained as apt-get -f install:

   apt-get [-asqdyfmubV] [-o=config_string] [-c=config_file]
           [-t=target_release] [-a=architecture] {update | upgrade |
           dselect-upgrade | dist-upgrade |
           install pkg [{=pkg_version_number | /target_release}]...  |
           remove pkg...  | purge pkg...  |
           source pkg [{=pkg_version_number | /target_release}]...  |
           build-dep pkg [{=pkg_version_number | /target_release}]...  |
           download pkg [{=pkg_version_number | /target_release}]...  |
           check | clean | autoclean | autoremove | {-v | --version} |
           {-h | --help}}
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