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I've updated to 11.04 and I now need to reconfigure a lot of things. One of them is the mouse "special "buttons.

Before I clicked on the red button that my mouse brings, and I switched desktops.

I tried to do that again, but on the Compiz configuration we can see this useless information like:





and so on...

I have no clue about what number is associated with my red button of this Microsoft Optical Comfort 3000 mouse.

Where can I configure mouse buttons/clicks?

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The only program I know of that I use to figure this stuff out is called xev. Run it from the command line (Terminal):

$ xev

Then you will get a pop-up box. enter image description here

In that "Event tester" box, click your buttons, you will see button down and button up events show up in the terminal window. Each event will have a button number associated. Keep clicking them till you determine which one is which.

Pretty handy utility.

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