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I have PNY-nvidia quadro 4000 with 3 display ports on my ubuntu 12.04 machine. I have successfully configured two monitors using 1 DVI-L port and 1 of the two display ports (with male display port to female DVI-D adapter).

I want to use remaining display port to connect to to a 3rd monitor (using identical Display port-to-DVI-D adapter that is used for my second monitor) but can not get it to work through Nvidia-settings. I can see this third monitor listed into nvidia-settings but when tried to save the x configuration file, it showed layout inconsistencies error :

Metamode 1 of Screen 0 has more than 2 active display devices 

Moreover, the blank screen of this third monitor displays a message

Check Signal Cable Analog

Could this be resolved now by using Display port-to-VGA adaptor instead?

Or x.config needs to be changed manually?

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