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It seems that in the Window version of Skype, there is an option to clear chat history. It is supposed to be Tools > Options > IM & SMS > Clear history button but effectively nothing similar is here:

No clear history button

This option is not present on the version that come with my Ubuntu 13.04. In the privacy settings there is this option:

enter image description here

and somewhere in the Skype forum it is said that changing that to Disable History and then restarting Skype will get rid of the chat history. Tried that, don't work.

Searching a bit I found that you have to eliminate some file in the Skype directory; I did that from the directory I have:

cd $HOME/.Skype/my_skype_name/ 
rm chat*.dbb user*.dbb 

...still no go. Before I get rid of all the .Skype directory and re-configure all Skype, is there anyone that know how to do it? The content of the directory is:

alert2048.dbb       chatsync             httpfe           msn.db-journal
alert4096.dbb       config.lck           keyval.db        msn.lock
bistats.db          config.xml           keyval.lock      profile16384.dbb
bistats.db-journal  contactgroup256.dbb  main.db          sms512.dbb
bistats.lock        dc.db                main.db-journal  transfer256.dbb
call256.dbb         eas.db               main.lock        voicemail
callmember256.dbb   eas.db-journal       msn.db           voicemail256.dbb

Removing all other *.dbb doesn't work, either.

Lesson: never put sensitive data on a Skype chat.

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Try this. Click on Tools --> Options --> IM & SMS and the Clear history button. –  Mitch Nov 22 '13 at 6:17
@Mitch, that button is available in the widows and Mac version of Skepe, but not on Linux, as I say in the first paragraph of the question... What version are you checking? –  Rmano Nov 22 '13 at 13:58

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How about nuke it? WARNING This will effectively nuke your Skype profile:

First, do a backup:

cp ~/.Skype ~/skype.bk

Now remove the .Skype directory:

rm -r ~/.Skype


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Yep. Last resort weapon. ;-) –  Rmano Dec 13 '13 at 20:31
@Rmano wait, didn't we reach that stage already? –  Braiam Dec 13 '13 at 20:32
I've disabled the chat history in the options, quit Skype, removed the ~/.Skype directory. When I sign back in I can see all my contacts slowly getting reloaded from Internet and after a while all my conversations are reloaded as well. Using Skype 4.2. –  Krige Mar 31 at 12:29
@Krige if it's like that, then the history isn't locally stored. –  Braiam Mar 31 at 12:38
@Braiam, that's what I guessed. So how do we get to clear the chat history in such cases? –  Krige Apr 2 at 13:57

the terminal way of doing it, say the user’s skype username is ‘rome’ and the computer’s name is ‘russia’ :

rome@russia:~$ cd /home/rome/.Skype/rome/
rome@russia:~$ rm -rf `find . -name "*.dbb"
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As you could read in the last paragraph in the question, I tried it. Doesn't work. It forgets very old chat content, not all of them. –  Rmano Nov 22 '13 at 15:55

I did the following:

rm main.db* msn.db*
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Found this, Helpful, I guess: http://adminspot.net/topic/5042-removing-skype-chat-history-linux-ubuntu-should-work-for-other-distros-as-well/

Quote: "Found this on the net thanks to the original poster

The current Linux version for skype 2.2 beta is lacking a delete history button and there does not seem to be a bug ticket so, If you want to clear your chat history.

With Skype not running open your home folder select show hidden files find the one .skype rename it to .skypeold (or what ever).

Once you have logged back on skype you can delete the renamed folder

Bear "

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yinon: this is EXACTLY Braiam answer. –  Rmano Feb 18 at 20:12

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