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I'm somewhat of a Linux Newbie. Ive recently converted to Ubuntu, and after an initial struggle of a 'low graphics issue', which I resolved by doing an apt-get install fglrx.

I know have the ability to log into Ubuntu, and get open all the applications, etc. The only gripe is that I cannot seem to copy and paste anything to the desktop. I get an error message saying:

Error while copying. There was an error getting information about "/"

If I select more details it states:

The specified location is not supported.

Is this a known issue ?

Is there a way to resolve this, or have I done something wrong in the installation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!. If you require any further information from myself, please feel free to ask.

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See this link : askubuntu.com/questions/362608/… –  comrademike Nov 21 '13 at 12:36

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