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How make my joystick work to play OnLive streamming games under PlayOnLinux, i'am with Lubuntu LXDE 13.10 and i use Wine 1.5.8. on PlayOnLinux that supposly should work with joystick but dont.

I already tested the joystick with jstest-gtk and iam able to calibrate it there and all buttons works so the problema dont come from Lubuntu recognising or not because actually this test proves that it does.

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Sounds exactly like a question made on ubuntu irc chanel...perhaps the same person? Anyway, did you check the wine app database for the status of this app? –  xangua Nov 21 '13 at 11:13
Yes i did, Angel Salinas Huerta. They actually have a OnLive Wine VErsion, is 1.3.X , i think the joystick version is 1.5.8 and upper , but i can still find a version that could able to load OnLive without errors, upper then 1.5.8 but i still try . The joystick version 1.5.8 load well, but joystick dont work with OnLive games made for joystick. If someone have a solution, please tell me. Angel Salinas Huerta, are you able to play OnLive under PlayOnLinux or directly with Wine with your joystick. Please test it for me too.Thanks! –  user218098 Nov 21 '13 at 19:54

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