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I am using joomla/vituemart for a charity organization to ease their distribution our aid distribution. was playing with it on xammp and want to put on the local server which is far not similar to xammp. and I am clueless in all server and coding related.

My problem is not being able to create a folder for Virtumemart, which it needs to store data in, or probably creating it but can not give permission to virtuemart to use it.

To my understanding, permission is given FOR a certain user, and I dont know how tell the system that the user if VirtueMart.

I tried creating a folder, and typed path to it for Virtuemart, and Virtuemart error message changed to

The Safe Path is not writeable. Please ensure that you have the correct file permissions and directory settings.

From previous error message, which was something like saying, the folder does not exist, I have blindly tried the chmod codes in the template but they ask me to give permission to a user.

This article shows how I changed it before and what is it for.

How can I fix this ?

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. What operating system are you running? Please edit your question and add the information. –  MadMike Nov 21 '13 at 8:52

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