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I am trying to write a charm for Magento but running into an issue.

Here is the source for charm

The install works perfect. Still needs a lot of work but works.

I having trouble with database-relation-joined hook to run through. It is saying the file doesn't exist but I am able to edit it on that machine so it there. I gave the file execute privileges. I am stuck why I got the error.

Steps deploying charm

juju bootstrap
juju deploy mysql
juju deploy --repository=/home/$USER/charms/ local:precise/magento
juju add-relation mysql magento


2013-11-21 05:48:51 INFO juju.worker.uniter uniter.go:517 joining relation "magento:database mysql:db"
2013-11-21 05:48:51 INFO juju.worker.uniter uniter.go:543 joined relation "magento:database mysql:db"
2013-11-21 05:48:56 INFO juju.worker.uniter uniter.go:348 running "database-relation-joined" hook
2013-11-21 05:48:56 ERROR juju.worker.uniter uniter.go:350 hook failed: fork/exec /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-magento-0/charm/hooks/database-relation-joined: no such file or directory
2013-11-21 05:48:56 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter modes.go:423 ModeAbide exiting
2013-11-21 05:48:56 INFO juju.worker.uniter modes.go:421 ModeHookError starting
2013-11-21 05:48:56 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:418 want resolved event
2013-11-21 05:48:56 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:412 want forced upgrade true
2013-11-21 05:48:56 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter.filter filter.go:523 no new charm event

List of the files on the server.

Also is there a way to update a charm without destroying the environment and bootstrapping the environment?

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When I checked out your charm the hook permissions were:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 1058 Nov 21 10:39 database-relation-joined

So you probably forgot to commit the files after setting your hooks to executable.

Running chmod +x * in your hook directory and then re-committing/pushing should solve your problem.

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No luck. Still getting same error. – Joshua Bixler Nov 21 '13 at 18:30
Ok then we are going to need more information, can you edit your question to include the steps you are taking to bootstrap your environment and deploy the charm plz – hatch Nov 21 '13 at 18:36
I included the steps in my question. Also I just tried changing the file to just have juju-log command and it works. Going to step through my code and see which line is giving me trouble now. – Joshua Bixler Nov 21 '13 at 19:05
After checking out your branch I followed my previous suggestion then followed your steps and the hook files executed as expected but with the error Database Name cannot be empty from the database-relation-joined hook. So it looks like the original issue was related to the permissions but that exposed another issue further down. – hatch Nov 21 '13 at 20:12
I recreated the database-relation-joined with the same contents and ran that command and it worked. Now to see why database is null. Thanks! – Joshua Bixler Nov 21 '13 at 20:39

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