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I'm running Kubuntu and have updated to 13.10. I've got a wireless AP set up, and I also have an Ubuntu-based server for testing and so forth.

I have two entries in my Network Manager - one which connected automatically to the AP, and was configured by DHCP. The other connected to the same AP, but had manual entries for the IP address, DNS servers and so forth - so I could use the server mentioned above.

The Network Manager applet used to show both these entries (and more), and I was able to switch between them easily.

Now the Network Manager is only showing the Active Connection, and every other wireless access point in the city.

Is there a way to make the entry in Network Manager show up in the applet? Or some other way to achieve this. I don't run the server all the time - I use it to test updates and try out new software and so forth.



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