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I've googled this for hours and can't seem to locate an official repository that responds...

## main & restricted repositories
deb precise main restricted

deb-src precise main restricted

deb precise-security main restricted

deb-src precise-security main restricted

## universe repositories
deb precise universe

deb-src precise universe

deb precise-updates universe

deb-src precise-updates universe

deb precise-security universe

deb-src precise-security universe
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When you are unsure which are the right repos, I recommend you to generate a new list.

Go to this website and choose your country and language and with repos you want. If you don't know what they mean you can read the description of every repo there.

After generating the list, copy the whole output into your /etc/sources.list, BUT make a backup of the original one first.

Then you habe to run sudo apt-get update to renew the package list.

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