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I am using Ubuntu two different ways, one is a Ubuntu 13.10 live-cd; the other, a normal 13.10 installation but with all security updates. In both cases using Firefox.

The first can connect without problems to my school's internet, the second no matter what I do, can't.

When things work out, I try to reach a web-page, get forwarded to a login screen, input my credentials and it grants me access to the internet.

IExplorer under Windows 7 is also working. Firefox under Windows too.

In no case is javascript or pop-ups blocked (there is no pop-up anyway). I activated "Warn me when Websites try to redirect in Firefox", to no avail. I also changed the proxy method to/from Autodetect, System proxy, and No proxy. Still nothing.

How can I repair this? Can I disable some settings? Or just clone the setting of the live Ubuntu into the normal Ubuntu installation?

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