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I downloaded and installed Ubuntu for desktop on my PC and it failed at reboot bringing me a few commands to use which were unhelpful. I rebooted my computer and went back to my original Windows 8 OS and deleted the Ubuntu file in my "C" drive. I realized after completely deleting the file from my hard drive that i had no internet connection. Windows labeled the connection as limited and I had no way to go back to my original setting before installing Wubi. I have no internet connection on my desktop and I'm now using my Macbook. If anybody can help me get back internet connection that would be awesome.

My internet connection is connected straight from my router to my computer. This isn't a Router or modem problem because i get perfect wifi on my phone and computer but still nothing for my desktop.

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You should not just go and delete the ubuntu files like that! Instead use control panal to uninstall safely. Well, now you can try restoring system to a point prior to the Wubi's Ubuntu installation with Window's system restore utility. Or you might want to check your LAN,TCP/IP settings. –  rusty Nov 20 '13 at 4:47

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