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Okay, so when I boot ubuntu 13.10 normally it boots but there is no mouse, and my wifi is turned off, the only thing that works is my keyboard which I was able to log in with and run dpkg thinking it was a package issue, rebooted and issue was still there.

I have no mouse and the graphics are in a streched 1024x600 setting (I thought that was really odd seeing as my monitor won't even support 1024x600 natively) Anyway, I finally gave up on trying to fix that part and I'm booted now using kernel 3.11.0-12 my normal kernel is 3.11.0-13 though, I really hate having to use advanced settings to log in every boot, does anyone have a idea what might be causing the issues? I'm not sure what to run for a log or I'd post it here.

It won't let me comment, but no, however my power did go out right before this started and the laptop shut down instantly, if that has anything to do with it. The only thing I did before that happened was I installed v4l2loopback but that shouldn't have caused this, and I've already removed it. Is there a way to just reinstall the new kernel again from being booted in the old?

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have you installed any driver by manually compiling? Probably you need to do that again for new kernel. –  Web-E Nov 19 '13 at 18:19
If the ...-12 kernel works, you could just set it to be default in grub. (Worked for me anyway with kernel related issues) –  Wilf Nov 19 '13 at 18:54
I couldn't figure out what went wrong, my best guess is when the power went out the kernel somehow messed up, I can't confirm that, if only Ubuntu had a feature on boot to search for corrupt drivers, anyway I just Sudo apt-get --purge remove'd the 3.11.0-13 kernel and set the 3.11.0-12 kernel as default but that is only a temp fix it seems, reinstalling the new kernel still has the issues and I can't update any drivers. I might just leave ubuntu soon I'm tired of the issues, I had better luck with building my own from scratch. Thanks everyone :) –  cody Nov 19 '13 at 21:00

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