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Here are the screen shots:

enter image description here

A zoom in of the bottom panel:

enter image description here

As you can see, on Ubuntu's the bottom panel, the chrome icon is missing, how can I get it back? I tried to completely remove chrome and re-install, no joy. I have also tried to delete all local .config/google-chrome folder files, still no joy.

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Just had this problem too and entered here looking for an answer and after being disappointed for not finding one I just wanted to search deeply into Chrome options and got it! :P look, go at Chrome, to Settings, and at the bottom, click for Advanced Settings and almost at the bottom (again), you'll find it as an unchecked box saying something like: "Run apps as a background process still while chrome is closed"... If you don't get something because of my bad explanation... or get stuck... or whatever, just tell me. Greetings.

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