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I have an Asus QM87M-E motherboard, just like in this other question. The board has an Ethernet interface based on the Intel I217LM part.

However, I need to install Ubuntu 12.04LTS from a corporate server after doing a PXE boot. The Intel instructions the other question links to seem to assume a pretty complete desktop installation, if I must compile the drivers before loading them.

I guess I can compile the drivers on another desktop, but what files would I need to copy over, and where do I place them? How can I get the drivers loaded under the PXE environment so that I can proceed with my network installation?

EDIT: I tried building on an Ubuntu desktop and copying the files over, but the target machine says the module is an "invalid format" when I try to load it with modprobe. Is this because the build machine is Kernel 3.2.0-51 and the PXE environment is using 3.2.0-26 ?

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