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I have an interactive script that I need to run BEFORE loggin in.
What I have setup is a Script that looks at a value I've set on the Kernel line from Grub

ie. backuptype=create_image

What I've got is a yesno dialog that says this will erase the old image are you sure? or something of the sort.

Everything is fine - I see the prompt come up for about a second, and then it disappears and then Linux logs in.

IF I manage to hit yes at the right time, the process (image creation via Partclone) starts, but I can't see its progress.

Running this via the Terminal after login works exactly as it should.

I am executing this script from the rc.local file.

Is this the right place to put it ?

How do I get the boot up sequence to pause until my process is done ?

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IMO running an interactive script at boot is not the best idea, especially something that might over write valuable backups. I would run it after you log in or from a live CD. Good luck. –  bodhi.zazen Nov 18 '13 at 22:03
I understand the risks... I do have an option: "backuptype=exit" which will allow me to boot into Linux, but I would like to have this script run before the desktop shows up. I know it's possible... I've got a machine that does it, but the person who set it up isn't around anymore and everything is locked down very tightly... –  user215224 Nov 25 '13 at 18:30

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