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At home and I use a HTPC to serve TV.

The HTPC has 2 Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe cards; it runs Win7 with Windows Media Server. I have 5 xBox 360's in the house and they connect to the Media Server as Media Server Extenders. I can watch Live TV on each xBox, record shows and watch them on any xBox.

It has many problems, although better than an original DVR from Comcast. Overall, Microsoft software barely runs, and I don't think it will be fixed.

I am using this because it saves money in the long run, when compared to monthly fees.

That is where Ubuntu TV would be nice - if it will work this way. I’m reading about it now and it looks like it’s going the way of installed by company on TV and that’s it. Not installable on HTPC, can’t connect clients to it.

Can we get a clear vision to the path Ubuntu TV will play ?

Is it only going to be pre-installed on some TVs or will I be able to install it on a PC ?

If installed on a PC, will it recognize TV cards such as InfiniTV that handle CableCards that give HD and Paid For channels like HBO, or only simple TV cards like Hauppauge that only give you basic analog channels ?

If installed on a PC, can I connect other PCs with UbuntuTV on them to watch TV (Have the server lock a tuner for that client, like WMC) ?

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