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I remember that in gnome-terminal there used be an option to set shortcuts in Edit menu. I've upgraded to ubuntu 13.10 and installed gnome3 and I have tried to make shortcuts for gnome-terminal, specially to set a title for a tab in terminal.

So how can I do that?

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The functionality is still there, I have it set to ctrl+e myself and use it daily. Visit Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts..., scroll down to the Terminal tree and set the Set Title keyboard shortcut.

It did take me a short time to find the Edit menu in 13.10. It appears that unless you enable Show Menubar the appmenu is hidden even if you hover over it with your mouse. You can re-enable the menu by right clicking on your terminal and selecting Show Menubar. Then when you hover over the unity panel, the menu will appear.

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That's true, it is still there... I should be really tired not to find it. Actually, I found in Edit/Preferences, then tab Shortcuts. – Marcos Alex Nov 18 '13 at 23:48

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