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I had Windows 7 and installed Ubuntu using the Windows installer. Now when I restart the PC, it directly boots to Ubuntu. What happened to my Windows 7 and how I can make it dual boot?

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Which Ubuntu release did you install? – Mitch Nov 18 '13 at 11:42


are you sure, that you save your windows installation during ubuntu installation process?

Usually ubuntu installer write windows loader into grub menu. Only if you does all correctly.

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At the start of Ubuntu installation, when Preparing to Install window appears, it presents you with following options

  • Install Ubuntu alongside your other systems (e.g. alongside Windows). You shold have selected this option in your case if you want to create a dual boot system.

  • Erase disk and install Ubuntu (Install Ubuntu over your entire hard drive). If you have selected this option by any chance, Ubuntu has formatted and overwritten your Windows partition. You may have to reinstall Windows and then Ubuntu after that to get back to a dual boot system once again.

  • Something else (use manual options for installations, like partitioning hard drive and then install).

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I have installed Ubuntu from a DVD. During installation process I was asked about options to install as only simple system or dual system or other. So make sure what you've selected before installation, it's decisively the right point.

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