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I use daemon tools in Windows to see files in an ISO DVD image. Are there any tools like that on Ubuntu? How do I see the files in an ISO DVD image without burning it to disc?

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You can mount them in Gnome just by right clicking on them and clicking Archive Mounter.

enter image description here

Sometimes that doesn't work too well. If not:

sudo mount -oloop -tudf,iso9660 [isofile] [directory]
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You can create a directory to mount the ISO image.

For example, you could create the directory /mnt/myISOMount, mount the ISO to that directory, and explore the ISO files in that directory.

It would look something like this:

Create the directory:

sudo mkdir /mnt/myISOMount

Mount the ISO:

sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 your_iso_file.iso /mnt/myISOMount

Change to the directory and explore the files in the ISO:

cd /mnt/myISOMount
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AcetoneISO can also be used to mount ISO files.

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