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I've been trying to get opengl to work on AWS with the new servers for the last two weeks off and on. I've tried various things I've found across the web. Installing driver 3.19, reinstalling the current driver, etc. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. I'll attach the Xorg log and conf.

xorg.conf: pastebin

Xorg.0.log: pastebin

Before the new GPUs we had this all wrapped up nicely in some puppet/vagrant scripts to install everything automatically. I've tweaked the installation scripts a bit to account for the new configuration. I can provide those as well but it's quite involved. It may be best to assume I've done nothing and I can provide output of commands as requested. I'm not a systems person at all so I'm struggling with making dependencies work and what not using apt-get.

I can't figure out why this message appears although I'm pretty sure I have installed the right drivers and configure X correctly.

Xlib:  extension "NV-GLX" missing on display ":0".
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