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I have created a game with unity3D and compiled it for mac and windows. But how do you build it for ubuntu, there is a option for linux

enter image description here

But the file won't run when I click on it. there isn't anything in the unity manual and no guides online. is there something I missed? am I ment to do something with the file unity gives me?

The file that unity3D creates is a .86 when I click on it I get "There is no application installed for "executible" files." I have tried various solutions online on how to open this file but it still wont open

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Right-click on the file, click "Properties", click the "Rights" tab, and set the file to "executable". Then click the file again. Does that work? –  Jos Nov 19 '13 at 9:47
the checkbox unchecks itself –  Qwertie Nov 19 '13 at 10:25

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I found the real problem. When I tried this before I was running the file from a usb but I could not set the file as executable as the usb was FAT32. I solved this by dragging the file onto my main HDD and then setting the file as executable.

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