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I have configured Xubuntu 12.04 to login to terminal without any GUI/DisplayManager. I could see no process running related to XFCE in ps -eaf|grep -i xf*

But my memory consumption in top command does not show any significant improvements. In GUI mode, the system was taking up 340-350MB of RAM. In Terminal mode also it taking up the same RAM.

I thought of saving good amount of memory because of No GUI mode;but in vain. What could be the issue?

Please provide inputs.

Thanks, Harish Pathangay

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why are you worried about the ram usage? is your PC abnormally slow? Linux will try to use all of your memory every time --- unused RAM is wasted RAM. – Rmano Nov 16 '13 at 23:01
Which particular value of top are you using for the comparison? What do you see with top -b - n 1? You could put up the data with top -b -n 1 | pastebinit (but you need to sudo apt-get install pastebinit if you don't have pastebinit installed.) – user25656 Nov 17 '13 at 6:17

You best bet is probably to install Ubuntu Server. It is designed to use software and hardware resources in a different way, resulting in less overall RAM and CPU usage for those who need a terminal-only or bare bones setup.

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The Ubuntu Sever Edition is good. I misconstrued the output of TOP command. TOP command Used section reports the total allocated inclusive of caches and buffers which might not be actively used in a running process. I used free -m command to see the memory minus cached minus beffered. It is around 30-40MB only.

Thanks Again, Harish Pathangay

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